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Class Type: BAI
This class is for NASP® organizations. This class will certify you for NASP® schools.

Class Delivery Type: Hybrid Online/Field Day
The online portion must be completed before the in-person class time.
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Class Date(s): 2/4/2023 - 2/4/2023
In-Person Class Times: 9am - 1pm
Class Capacity: 10
Registration End Date: 1/27/2023

Notes: This is a two-part blended BAI class. All participants must be 18 years old or older. All non in-service teachers/volunteers will need to provide a note from your district that you are eligible to attend the training. When you register, please use an email that will follow you, as there is a required yearly reporting email sent by NASP that requires a response to maintain your certification. You must complete the Online portion before you can attend the “field day”. You will be sent the links for the online curriculum at the time of registration. For that field day: dress comfortably, no open-toed shoes, or personal archery equipment allowed. Everything you need will be provided. Applicants must register online by using the following link: For more information, contact Dwight Warnke at

Dent-Phelps R-3
27870 Hwy. C Salem MO 65560US

Contact Info
(573) 368-2590 ext.1

Dwight Warnke

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